Laurelville, OH
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This project for an existing residence in Laurelville, Ohio is comprised of sensitive renovations to the existing house, as well as a 2 story addition containing a garage, bathroom, and 2 new bedrooms. The mid-century modern aesthetic with large expanses of glass create beautiful views to the south, however the alignment of the house along the sloped topography of the area created a less than appealing appearance from the drive approach to the east. Additionally, poor execution of some details, such as trim and masonry had created maintenance issues in need of repair and resolution. The interior renovations included repairing the existing poorly clad support beams with new trim and new colored panels to add character. Second, a modification to the existing Master Bedroom entryway, provides a larger, accessible entry. Third, repair and replacement of the exposed exterior masonry copings and cleaning of the walls below that permitted water infiltration due to poor detailing. The addition, placed on the North east side to avoid blocking any of the south facing windows in the existing house, utilizes the aesthetic of the existing home, but orients the views and openings of new garage and bedrooms towards the east. This takes advantage of beautiful views from a new cantilevered deck terrace, as well as provide new attached garage. To build the addition, and provide space for the driveway on such a sloped site, a large amount of excavation is required, as well as 2 new retaining walls to adapt to the sloping grade. The addition connects to the existing house by way of a new star hall that provides access to the new garage at grade and new bathroom and bedrooms on the second floor level, introducing an alternate entry path for the home owners and visitors.